Service Packages

  • Mow the front and back lawn.
  • Edge the front and back lawn. 
  • Line trim along fences, plant beds and around trees.
  • Clean plant beds as needed.
  • Trim the bushes and shrubs as needed.
  • Blow off all walkways, patios sidewalks and driveways.
  • All debris will be left in your can or bagged.

Lot Size 0-5000 sq ft.
$37.50 Weekly per visit
$45.00 Bi-weekly per visit.

Lot Size 5000-7500 sq ft.
$45.00 Weekly per visit
$52.00 Bi-weekly per visit. (this is our most popular service)

Lot Size 7500-9000 sq ft.
$55.00 Weekly per visit
$67.50 Bi-weekly per visit.

Lot Size 9000-10,000 sq ft.
$75.00 Weekly per visit
$90.00 Bi-weekly per visit. 

All pricing is based on lot size with improvements, and does not include slopes. 
Larger lots will have different pricing.

11647 Riverside Dr, Suite 131
Lakeside, CA 92040

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"The Full Service Package is our standard mow, blow and go service along with cleaning the beds, trimming the bushes and shrubs and trimming the ground cover as needed. We will also trim the lower hanging small branches of trees including palms up to 10 feet. This service is perfect for the weekend gardener that still likes to get out into to the yard to plant flowers and vegetables but needs help with all the heavy work. If you enjoy gardening when your time permits but dread the chore of having to mow the lawn and do all the trimming and clean up, then this package is for you".  - John