Mueller Gardening Services for La Jolla

Imagine you hired a Gardening Service that leaves your yard looking fabulous. Imagine not worrying about the chore of working in the yard over the weekend. You have come to the right place because we are the Gardening Service that you need. Setting up your service is super easy! 🙂 Just choose your lot size and let us know if you want us there every week or every other week. It’s that simple. 🙂 Or just give us a call 619-440-3762

Our Gardening Service and Landscape Maintenance includes:

  • mowing and edging
  • cleaning plant beds
  • trimming bushes and shrubs
  • trimming ground cover
  • pruning low hanging branches from trees


La Jolla Landscaping

Sunny and Beautiful La Jolla, CA

Sunset Climate Zone 24 for La Jolla Landscaping

La Jolla is an affluent coastal neighborhood in San Diego, California. It is a hilly seaside community, occupying 7 miles of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean within the northern city limits. The community’s border starts at Pacific Beach to the south and extends along the Pacific Ocean shoreline north to include Torrey Pines State Reserve ending at Del Mar, California. La Jolla encompasses the neighborhoods of Bird Rock, Windansea Beach, the commercial center known as the Village of La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Farms, Muirlands, Torrey Pines, and Mount Soledad to name a few. The climate is mild, with an average daily temperature of 70.5 °F.

La Jolla is home to a variety of businesses in the areas of lodging, dining, shopping, software, finance, real estate, bio-engineering, medical practice and scientific research. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is located in La Jolla, as are the Salk Institute, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (part of UCSD), Scripps Research Institute, and the headquarters of National University (though its academic campuses are elsewhere).

La Jolla  is designated Sunset Climate Zone 24, one of the most favored areas in North America for growing subtropical plants, Zone 23 has always been Southern California’s best zone for avocados. Frosts don’t amount to much here, because 85 percent of the time, Pacific Ocean weather dominates; interior air rules only 15 percent of the time. On those 15% days when hot, dry Santa Ana winds blow, Zone 24 lacks either the summer heat or the winter cold necessary to grow pears, most apples, and most peaches. But it enjoys enough heat to put the sweetness in ‘Valencia’ oranges—but not enough for ‘Washington’ naval oranges, which must be grown farther inland. Temperatures are mild here, but severe winters descend at times. Average lows range from 43 to 48°F, while extreme lows average from 34 to 27°F.

Mueller Landscape has a wide range of services for La Jolla, CA

ProductCheck It OutDescription
Basic Package

$39.00$104.00Sign Up Now

Mow the front and back lawn
Edge the front and back lawn
Line trim along fences, plant beds and around trees.
Blow off all walkways, patios sidewalks and driveways.
All debris will be left in your can or bagged.
Full Service Package

$52.00$138.00Sign Up Now

Mow the front and back lawn.
Edge the front and back lawn.
Line trim along fences, plant beds and around trees.
Clean plant beds as needed.
Trim the trees (to 9′), bushes, and shrubs as needed.
Blow off all walkways, patios sidewalks and driveways.
All debris will be left in your can or bagged.
Core Aeration Service

$60.00$150.00Sign Up Now

Core aeration opens up compacted soils thereby promoting a healthy root zone.
$60.00 for most front lawns (up to 1000 sq feet)
$90.00 for front and back lawns (up to 2000 sq feet)
Lawn Weed Control Service

$45.00$75.00Sign Up Now

$45.00 per application 0-3000 sq ft. 60 days schedule
$65.00 per application 3000-5000 sq ft. 60 days schedule
$75.00 per application 5000-7000 sq ft. 60 days schedule
Fertilizing Service

$45.00$100.00Sign Up Now

$100.00 per application 10,000 sq ft. 90 days schedule.
$45.00 per application 0-5000 sq ft. 90 days schedule
$65.00 per application 5000-8000 sq ft. 90 days schedule
$85.00 per application 8000-9000 sq ft.
$100.00 per application 9000-10000 sq ft.
Call for pricing on lawns over 10,000 sq. ft.
90 days schedule


Lot Size.  

All lawn and landscape pricing is based on lot size up to 5000 sq. ft. and does not include slopes.

Customer Referral Incentives.

We offer lawn and landscape referral incentives. You can receive up to $50.00 cash for referring neighbors and friends once you become one of our lawn and landscape customers.

Workers Comp and Liability Insurance.

By hiring us, you can have peace of mind that you are fully protected with regard to workers-comp and liability insurance issues. All our lawn and landscape workers are fully covered.

La Jolla Landscaping Quality

You will receive the best lawn and landscape service in the county at the fairest possible price.