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John Mueller Owner of Mueller Landscape

John Mueller Owner of Mueller Landscape

“The Full Service Lawn Care is our standard mow and edge, blow and go service along with cleaning the beds, trimming the bushes and shrubs and trimming the ground cover as needed. We will perform a light trimming of the lower hanging small branches of trees including palms up to 9 feet. This service is perfect for the weekend gardener that still likes to get out into to the yard to plant flowers and vegetables but needs help with all the heavy work. If you enjoy gardening when your time permits but dread the chore of having to mow the lawn and do all the trimming and clean up, then this package is for you”. – John

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  • Mow the front and back lawn.
  • Edge the front and back lawn.
  • Line trim along fences, plant beds and around trees.
  • Clean plant beds as needed.
  • Light trimming of the trees (to 9′), bushes, and shrubs as needed.
  • Blow off all walkways, patios sidewalks and driveways.
  • All debris will be left in your can or bagged.
  • Lot Size 0-5000 sq ft.
    • $37.50 Weekly per visit
    • $45.00 Bi-weekly per visit.
  • Lot Size 5000-7500 sq ft.
    • $45.00 Weekly per visit
    • $52.00 Bi-weekly per visit. (this is our most popular service)
  • Lot Size 7500-9000 sq ft.
    • $55.00 Weekly per visit
    • $75.00 Bi-weekly per visit.
  • Lot Size 9000-10,000 sq ft.
    • $75.00 Weekly per visit
    • $104.00 Bi-weekly per visit.

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Weekly, Biweekly

Lot Size

0-5000, 5001-7500, 7501-9000, 9001-10000

5 reviews for Full Service Lawn Care

  1. 5 out of 5


    We’re very comfortable calling on Mueller’s to perform those landscape tasks that we’re just not able to do comfortably or safely anymore. As retired people we enjoy our yard and garden more than ever, but it does require some maintenance. Edgar most recently removed a bush and cut back a palm to give us space for a new concrete bench. Yes, we probably could have done it ourselves, but not in the few minutes it took him and no next day pain! Really appreciate having this reliable service just a phone call away.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Mueller landscape is a great company, that does great work on time and as promised. I am glad to know that my property is on good hands. A truly professional company!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Mueller Landscaping was brought in by me to get a house ready for sale that I was listing in Clairemont. My seller was on the East Coast and trusted me to find someone great. Mueller Landscaping is a family business. They handled this property with great care and came back a couple times for odds and ends. The majority of the work was tree trimming,landscaping, pruning and LOTS of yard clean up. The front and back of the house looked amazing and the buyer closed in December. And my seller was thrilled! I just sent another Clairemont homeowner to them today for a diseased tree. I trust them and will definitely use them again and again. Thanks! Kimberly Dotseth, broker/owner, Blend Real Estate, San Diego

  4. 5 out of 5


    My wife and I own a private preschool in San Diego. We’ve entrusted Mueller Landscape with our routine landscape maintenance (once every two weeks), and have been very satisfied thus far. The workers do a good job, and the company has been professional and very easy to work with. They communicate well, the pricing is reasonable, and their focus is clearly on the customer. We need the landscaping done during a window of time when the children aren’t playing outside, and they were happy to accommodate us.
    We also hired Mueller Landscape to do a few big jobs for us, including repair a portion of the deck, install a completely new irrigation system, and re-sod the entire playground (approximately 1200 sq ft). Again, everyone at the company was very professional and easy to deal with as we worked together to figure out the scope of the work, get an estimate, and schedule it. The work started on time, and was top-notch. There were no cost overruns or unexpected fees–the final cost was exactly what was provided for in our estimate, even though I know that some unexpected things came up which caused the work to take longer than originally anticipated.
    What really stood out, though, were the workers. The jobs took just over a week to finish, and the kids were still in school during that time. We allowed the kids to play outside in the wood chip area, adjacent to where the workers were installing the new irrigation system and laying sod. The children (ages 2-4) were fascinated by the work (especially the irrigation pipes), and wanted to ask the workers all sorts of questions. It would have been completely reasonable for the workers to just ignore the kids and focus on their work, but instead, they were incredibly friendly, and would answer the kids’ questions or talk with the kids for as long as the children wanted. The children loved having the workers there so much that many of them drew pictures of the “new pipes and grass” that they wanted to send to the workers. (This was right around the holiday, so the teachers actually did package up some of the pictures and then mailed them to Mueller Landscape with a holiday card thanking them for being so great with the kids.)
    This is a great company to work with, and I recommend them without reservation.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Jacob and Daniel from Mueller Landscaping treat my property as though it were their own. The work is impeccable. The team never needs to be reminded of anything and always exceeds my expectations. If ever there is an extra task, they complete it cheerfully and beautifully. I also have to compliment the office staff. Always friendly and cooperative. I’ve spoken to John, Laura and Nathan Mueller at one time or another and it’s evident they all truly care about doing absolutely the best work.

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