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Why Lawn Weed Control Service?

Every lawn at home or business needs proper tender loving care to grow to its full potential. This requires a systematic, regular fertilizing service and weed control program for your lawn and garden. Mueller Landscape has knowledgeable lawn treatment experts who know how to provide regular meticulous fertilizer treatments for all kinds of grasses. We use cyclone spreaders for the interior portions of lawns and drop spreaders for lawn and garden edges to ensure fertilizer and weed-control treatments are only applied where applicable and needed. Crews take care to overlap coverage to produce the maximum consistency of pure lush green grass with no weeds.

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Pricing is based as an “add-on” to gardening services or mow and edge services.

  • 0-3000 sq ft. $85.00 per application 60 days schedule
  • 3000-5000 sq ft. $105.00 per application 60 days schedule
  • 5000-7000 sq ft. $125.00 per application 60 days schedule

Lawn weed control service is a process to get rid of weeds in the lawn. Accordingly, the most common way of weed control is to use herbicides. Spot sprays and pre-emergents help control weeds in the lawn.

Spot sprays are usually broadleaf herbicides that target specific broadleaf weeds without killing the desirable plant. In this case, the lawn. Our lawn weed control service uses this type of herbicide.

Pre-emergent is a herbicide designed to keep seedlings from germinating. We use these products in our lawn weed control service, and indeed, these are used in lawns and plant beds. However, these products are specific in their uses and must be applied according to their labeling.

We offer various services to help you get your yard back in shape. Likewise, we can do everything from leaf removal to lawn care, gardening servicesirrigation repair services, tree trimming, fertilizing, core aeration serviceinstalling mulch, pest management, and water management.

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0-3000 sq ft., 3000-5000 sq ft., 5000-7000 sq ft.