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Add Mulch To Your Garden Beds.

Mulch is beautiful, functional, and affordable!

Mulch Products are subject to availability. 

Mulch Service can only be purchased with a current Clean Up Service or a Gardening Service. 


Imagine a garden where the plants look healthy, and the ground below looks clean and inviting. Do you want to perk up your garden while improving its visual appearance? Let’s add some mulch. There are several colors to choose from. A top layer of mulch is essential for improving your garden quality as it helps with water retention, improves fertility and soil health, reduces weed growth, and dresses up your yard to look clean and beautiful.

Each bag contains about 3.8 cubic feet. 

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Mulch Service is a great way to improve the health of your plants and landscaping.

Our Mulch Service is a great way to improve the health of your plants and landscaping. Mulch is made from organic materials such as wood chips, bark, and recycled green waste. It can be applied to the ground around plantings or trees. Mulch helps regulate soil temperature, prevents weed growth by blocking sunlight, and helps retain moisture in the soil. It also stops erosion by slowing water runoff and reducing rain splash onto plants.

Mulching can help reduce water usage because it slows down evaporation from the soil surface, which means less watering for you! Our mulch service comes in several colors; some are dyed woodchips, while others are natural in color.



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