Mueller Gardening Services for Clairemont


Imagine you hired a Lawn and Gardening Service in Clairemont that leaves your yard looking fabulous. Imagine not worrying about working in the yard over the weekend. You have come to the right place because we are the Clairemont Gardening Service you need. We have many clients in Clairemont. We service this area on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays every week. 🙂

Setting up your service is super easy! Just click here to go to our service page and let us know if you want us there every week or every other week. It’s that simple. Or give us a call at 619-440-3762

Our Gardening Service and Landscape Maintenance include:

    • mowing and edging
    • cleaning plant beds
    • trimming bushes and shrubs
    • trimming ground cover
    • pruning low-hanging branches from trees

Mueller Landscape is a full-service landscape maintenance company. We currently offer Gardening ServicesTree TrimmingIrrigation RepairsFertilizing, and one-time Yard Clean-Ups.

Mueller Landscape has a wide range of services for Clairemont, CA

Sunset Climate Zone 23 for Clairemont Landscaping

Clairemont Mesa  and Clairemont are classified Climate Zone Area 23. Clairemont Mesa is a neighborhood that can be subdivided into North Clairemont, South Clairemont, Clairemont Mesa East, and Clairemont Mesa West. It is bordered by State Route 52 in the north, Interstate 805 in the east, Interstate 5 in the west, and the neighborhood of Linda Vista in the south. Tecolote Canyon Golf Course is at the bottom of the southern canyon area. Some streams and trails extend into finger canyons in the area. Wildlife is seen throughout the canyons. This includes coyotes, wild green parrots, and the owls named after Tecolote Canyon. Trails extend through the bottom of the canyons for hiking or mountain biking.

One of the most favored areas in North America for growing subtropical plants, Zone 23 has always been Southern California’s best zone for avocados. Frosts don’t amount to much here because Pacific Ocean weather dominates 85 percent of the time; interior air rules only 15 percent of the time. On that 15% of days when hot, dry Santa Ana winds blow, Zone 23 lacks either the summer heat or the winter cold necessary to grow pears, most apples, and most peaches. But it enjoys enough heat to put the sweetness in ‘Valencia’ oranges—but not enough for ‘Washington’ naval oranges, which must be grown farther inland. Temperatures are mild here, but severe winters descend at times. Average lows range from 43 to 48°F, while extreme lows average from 34 to 27°F.