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fertilizing service

John Mueller Owner of Mueller Landscape

Why Fertilizing Service?

Every lawn at home or business needs proper tender loving care to grow to its full potential. This requires a systematic regular fertilizing service and weed control program for your lawn and garden. Mueller Landscape has knowledgeable lawn treatment experts who know how to provide regular meticulous fertilizer treatments for all kinds of grasses. We use cyclone spreaders for the interior portions of lawns and drop spreaders for lawn and garden edges to ensure fertilizer and weed-control treatments are only applied where useful and needed. Crews take care to overlap coverage to produce the maximum consistency of lush green grass throughout.

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  • 0-5000 sq ft. $45.00 per application 90 days schedule
  • 5000-8000 sq ft. $65.00 per application 90 days schedule
  • 8000-9000 sq ft. $85.00 per application 90 days schedule
  • 9000-10000 sq ft. $100.00 per application 90 days schedule

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Lawn Size

0-5000 sq ft., 5000-8000 sq ft., 8000-9000 sq ft., 9000-10000 sq ft.


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Pricing per application.

Call for pricing on lawns over 10,000 sq. ft.

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