Professional Landscaping for Property Managers and Rental Property Owners

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Three Concepts of Mueller’s Unique Service.

We have a unique service for our valued property managers. Over the years, we have learned three essential concepts to provide property managers with the best landscape, lawn, and gardening services.


1. Our Job Is To Make Property Managers Look Good.

When it comes to pleasing residential property managers, nothing is more important than ensuring we monitor and cover the details. Nobody likes surprises! Consider for a moment we are in the middle of August, and the temperature has been in the 90s for the last ten days. The tenants are not watering, and the yard is drying up. Would you like to know about this? Of course, you would. Your property owner spent a lot of money getting that place ready to rent and does not want to see a dead lawn the next time they drive by the property. When given the correct information, you can address things with the owner and tenants and keep everyone on the same page. You can’t provide this to your clients without this knowledge which brings us to our next key point.

2. We Maintain Consistent Communication With Property Managers, and we are familiar with Property Meld.

Are you tired of dealing with gardeners that can’t or won’t communicate? Or perhaps you must leave numerous messages on someone’s cell phone because they won’t pick up. Did the gardener take care of your request that you made three weeks ago when he did answer the phone? Does there seem to be a certain amount of disorganization when dealing with the gardener?
We pledge a consistent chain of communication with you and your office staff. It starts with the gardeners writing notes when issues arise with the property. These notes are then given to the account managers, and you are contacted about the problem usually the next business day. These can be anything from the yard not getting enough water to whitefly on the bushes. Our system is automated to capture and distribute the information you need to stay on top of issues regarding the landscaping.
We have often had property managers tell us that we are their eyes on these properties because they can’t visit them regularly. This is why our standard policy includes taking pictures of the landscaping each time after the yard is serviced.

3. We Take Monthly Pictures of the Front and Back Yards.

Having pictures is like maintaining a history of the yard or property, and it starts with what the yard looked like on Day One and how the yard has progressed from that point on. By doing this, we can see when dry spots start forming in the lawn, when the last time the shrubs were trimmed, etc. Having pictures solves a lot of problems. As they say… ” a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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