Mueller Gardening Services for Rancho San Diego

Rancho San Diego Gardening – Basic (Lawn) and Full (Lawn and Garden) Package Prices

Imagine you hired a Gardening Service that leaves your yard looking fabulous. Imagine not worrying about working in the yard over the weekend. You have come to the right place because we are the Gardening Service you need. Setting up your service is super easy! Just choose your lot size by clicking here and let us know if you want us there every week or every other week. It’s that simple. Or give us a call at 619-440-3762

Our Gardening Service and Landscape Maintenance include:

  • mowing and edging
  • cleaning plant beds
  • trimming bushes and shrubs
  • trimming ground cover
  • pruning low-hanging branches from trees

Mueller Landscape is a full-service landscape maintenance company. We currently offer Gardening ServicesTree TrimmingIrrigation RepairsFertilizing, and one-time Yard Clean-Ups.

Sunset Climate Zone 21 for Rancho San Diego Landscaping

Rancho San Diego is a census-designated place (CDP) in San Diego County, California. Rancho San Diego runs along the Highway 94 corridor South of El Cajon and North of Jamul. The community is home to Cuyamaca College, a school with great Nursery and Agricultural degree programs and a nursery where they sell and advocate drought-tolerant native plants. The average temperature of Rancho San Diego is 64.73°F. Rancho San Diego has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate.

Zone 21 gets weather influenced by both maritime air and interior air. In these transitional areas, climate boundaries often move 20 miles in 24 hours with the movements of these air masses. Your garden can be in the ocean air or a high fog one day and a group of interior air (perhaps a drying Santa Ana wind from the desert) the next day. Because temperatures rarely drop below 30°F, this is a fine citrus-growing country. Zone 21 is also the mildest zone that gets sufficient winter chilling for most forms of lilacs and certain other chill-loving plants. Extreme lows—the kind you see once every 10 or 20 years—Zone 21 averages 28 to 25°F. Record lows in Climate Zone 21 were 27 to 17°F.

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