Poway Gardening and Landscape Maintenance

Poway Gardening And Landscape Maintenance Services

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Poway Gardening and Landscape Maintenance

The Gardening Service includes mowing and edging along with cleaning the beds, trimming the bushes and shrubs, and trimming the ground cover as needed. We will also trim the lower hanging small branches of trees including palms up to 9 feet. This service is perfect for the weekend gardener that still likes to get out into to the yard to plant flowers and vegetables but needs help with all the heavy work. If you enjoy gardening when your time permits but dread the chore of having to mow the lawn and do all the trimming and clean up, then this service is for you. Our process is Simple and Easy. Our schedule is Dependable. Our management team is Responsive. Just give us a call today or sign up below. Thanks 🙂

Sunset Climate Zone 21 for Poway Gardening

Poway, a community in Central San Diego County, became a city on December 1, 1980. Even though Poway lies geographically in the middle of San Diego County, it is considered by most as being located in north San Diego county. Poway’s rural roots gave rise to its slogan “The City in the Country.” Poway is located north of the city of San Diego and south of the city of Escondido. Some nearby communities of San Diego include Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Peñasquitos, and in the county to the east, the community of Ramona. Many consider the landscaping along the Poway Parkway and Mercy Canyon corridor some of the most beautiful and efficient public works  landscaping in the world.

Poway is classified Sunset Climate Zone 21, and gets weather influenced by both maritime air and interior air. In these transitional areas, climate boundaries often move 20 miles in 24 hours with the movements of these air masses. Your garden can be in ocean air or a high fog one day and in a mass of interior air (perhaps a drying Santa Ana wind from the desert) the next day. Because temperatures rarely drop very far below 30°F, this is fine citrus growing country. Zone 21 is also the mildest zone that gets sufficient winter chilling for most forms of lilacs and certain other chill-loving plants. Extreme lows—the kind you see once every 10 or 20 years—Zone 21 averages 28 to 25°F. All-time record lows in Climate Zone 21 were 27 to 17°F.

Workers Comp and Liability Insurance.

By hiring us, you can have peace of mind that you are fully protected with regard to workers-comp and liability insurance issues. All our lawn and landscape workers are fully covered.

Lot Size.  

All lawn mowing and gardening pricing is based on lot sizes.