Terms of Service

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General Provisions

1. Mueller Landscape shall provide all supervision, labor, equipment, and transportation required to maintain the landscape in an attractive condition throughout the year based on the service package chosen.
2. Mueller Landscape shall hire its employees in Mueller Landscape’s name and shall be responsible for all compensation of said employees.
3. Mueller Landscape shall carry one million dollars liability, bodily injury, and property insurance.
4. Mueller Landscape shall carry Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, and any other insurance required by law for its employees.
5. Mueller Landscape observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
6. Mueller Landscape shall have the right to stop work if any payments are not made to Mueller Landscape under this contract. Mueller Landscape may keep the job idle until all payments due have been received. Such action by Mueller Landscape shall not in any manner, be deemed a breach of contract by Mueller Landscape.
7. Mueller Landscape shall not be held responsible for existing deficiencies or specific problems, pertaining to the landscape, created by previous landscape construction contractors or previous landscape maintenance companies or individuals.
8. This contract shall be month to month.
9. Our pricing for services is based upon an average amount of time we plan to spend on your property. All pricing is based on specific lot sizes excluding slopes and WITH improvements. That means that your lot must have a structure on it. If your lot size is over 10,000 sq ft or you do not know your lot size, please call our office for more details. Please note that if your property requires additional man hours to maintain it to your satisfaction, then our standard rates will no longer apply. We will let you know what your new pricing will be and if you agree to the change, we will implement the charge.
10. The Gold and Platinum Packages require 6 and 12 month commitments respectively. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you agree to pay for the service for the duration of the commitment period or pay an early cancellation fee based on the cost of mulch installation, color installation and irrigation work already provided.
11. Mueller Landscape Inc closes operations’ each year for one week between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Exact dates are determined year to year. There will not be an adjustment to monthly contract pricing during this time.
1. Lawns

A. All turf areas shall be mowed, edged, and cleaned off based on service package chosen, unless prohibited by inclement weather or as directed otherwise. Mowing heights will follow turfgrass horticulture standards: cool season grasses 2”-3”, warm season grasses ½”-1”
B. Mowing equipment shall consist of power propelled type mowers or power propelled reel mowers and shall perform neat mowing or trimming of grass only. Equipment shall be maintained in good working condition.
C. Edging shall mean cutting all grass to lawn height along planters, walks, buildings, and paved areas, edges of foundations, slabs, stairways, steps, fences, trees, and posts. Edges along paved areas shall be trimmed with a vertical cut to prevent grass from encroaching upon the paved area.
2. Tree and Shrub Maintenance

A. All trees and shrubs shall be pruned and trimmed in accordance with generally accepted horticulture practices. Pruning will be done to heights of only 9’ or less from the ground and will include removal of low hanging branches. Pruning which requires operations above 9’, storm damage or more detailed work will be subject to additional cost and will be done under a separate contract or agreement.
B. All proper staking and supporting of trees and shrubs shall be as necessary. The Owner shall pay for the cost of materials; and labor.
C. Minor tree surgery shall be done as necessary. The Owner shall be informed of any major tree surgery that may be required. The owner shall pay tree work expenses.
D. Special attention will be given to trees and shrubs bordering walks and drives to prevent branches from hindering clear and safe passage by pedestrians and vehicles.
3. Ground Covers and flower Beds
(based on service package chosen)

A. Maintenance shall consist of trimming ground cover around all needed areas and objects. Beds will be weeded and cleaned of debris and dead plants, branches, etc. To maintain a neat and clean appearance.
B. Seasonal color plants shall be replaced, at owner’s expense, after the flowering period has ended or upon approval or request of Owner.
4. Irrigation System
(depends on service package chosen)

A. Mueller Landscape shall be responsible for the proper operation of the irrigation system only if we have access to the timer. Incidental repair to heads and risers will be provided as needed with additional cost billed to owner. All other work such as valves, lateral and mainline pipes will be considered extra. Irrigation repairs are done by a specialized irrigation technician at the hourly rate of $75.00 per hour plus parts.
B. Mueller Landscape shall set and program automatic controllers for seasonal water requirements. Mueller Landscape understands the necessity of monitoring and adjusting watering schedules to assist Owner in controlling water costs.
C. Irrigation of Trees, Shrubs, Lawns, and Ground Covers
1. Water deeply to establish moisture to full depth of the root zone to maintain natural growth and color.
2. Watering shall be done in a manner to avoid erosion of excessive run-off.
3. Watering should be scheduled to early morning.
D. Mueller Landscape shall strictly observe all water restrictions set forth by the Water Authorities.
5. Billing & Payments

Residential customers have two ways of making payment for services provided.

Credit Card Payments.
Customer will place a valid credit card on file with our office.  We will charge your card for the balance due at the end of the day we provide service. Mueller Landscape Inc is an PCI DSS Compliant Merchant.This our preferred method of payment
Pay By Check
Customer will leave a check every-time service is provided. Gardener will pick up check each visit.
Property Management Companies and Commercial Clients have two ways of making payment for services provided.
Credit Card Payments.
Customer will place a valid credit card on file with our office.  We will charge your card for the balance due at the end of the day we provide service. Mueller Landscape Inc is an PCI DSS Compliant Merchant.This our preferred method of payment.
Invoice Per Occurrence.
Commercial Clients and Property Managers can be invoiced per occurrence. Payment will be due at time of receipt on invoice.

A. Quotes for the design and/or installation of plants, trees, ground cover, and grass will be given upon request.
B. Quotes for Trimming of trees above 9’ will be given upon request.
C. Fertilizing will be considered an extra charge and can be set up on a regular 90 day schedule.