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John Mueller and Laura Mueller Hard at Work

Mueller Landscape Inc is a local company providing landscape, lawn and garden services (maintenance) in San Diego County since 1982. We are licensed by the State of CA, C27-862489.  As a local company, we are dedicated to providing landscaping, lawn and garden services second to none to residential homeowners, property management companies, and commercial properties. Our commitment to quality and consistency has allowed us to grow to over 500 maintenance customers. Over the years we have perfected a system that ensures that we maintain a consistent and reliable schedule.

Lawn and Garden Service Packages.

Mueller provides lawn and garden services in two distinct packages.  Lawn Services comprise our Basic Lawncare package consisting of mowing, edging, and blowing grass clippings from features and walkways.  The Mueller Full-Service Package consists of Lawncare Services plus Garden Services including cleaning beds, trimming bushes and shrubs, and trimming ground cover as needed. We will also trim lower hanging small branches of trees up to 10 feet. Lawn and garden Basic Service Packages and Full-Service packages are bid based upon our competitive hourly rate and the time required to service the square footage of the lot.  If you know the square footage of the planted portion of the lot serviced, you can get a Mueller one-minute price quote from the following link.   

Laura Mueller and Office Dog

Laura Mueller and Office Dog

New Landscaping (Construction) Estimates.

Mueller Landscape provides Landscaping (new construction) using a variety of products and services.  We can design and plan your property for a unique blend of proper drainage, aesthetics, and watering efficiency.  We know the right plants and the right prices for each Sunset Book growing area. Mueller employees are experts in draught-efficient landscaping and the right watering technology.  New landscaping always requires a site visit, and once we know your specific needs and wants, we will provide a specific design bid. For a Landscaping Construction bid call Mueller Landscape or Sign Up to our friends list.

Other Mueller Products and Services.

Mueller Landscape also provides other products and services including Core Aeration Services, Fertilizing Service, and Lawn Weed Control Service.   Aeration Service aerates by gouging small plugs from the lawn allowing water and nutrients to get to the lawn root system. Fertilizing Service applies fertilizer to be to lawn and gardens. Lawn Weed Control Service applies weed control agents to lawns to prevent and reduce the germination and growth of weeds. Core Aeration Service, Fertilizing Service, and Lawn Weed Control Service, are all based upon the square footage of the planted portion of the lot serviced.  You can get a Mueller one-minute price quote for these services from the following link.

Service Package PricingMueller Crew Consistency.

When you begin a service with us, we assign one of our crews to your property, and that crew will continue to be your provider for as long as you have service with us. This makes it easier for us to make your property look and grow the way you like it.  In the unique event it’s not right, call us, and we’ll be happily fix it.