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Turf Survival.

How Long Will Your Lawn Last With Water Restrictions This Summer?

Under the new San Diego water restrictions, Mueller Landscape Inc. is experiencing great success helping its customers cut back on water usage as much as 50% while saving significant money, and still maintaining a lush healthy lawn on virtually any type of grass. Our secret–using AquaSmartPro–a polymer-coated sand product available in the form of a straight additive for increased moisture retention and growth of plants, flowers, trees, and grass/turf with water savings estimated at up to 66% in some cases based on soil and climate conditions.

AquaSmart™ PRO is used as a moisture management product for a wide variety of locations. AquaSmart™ PRO enhances sports fields of all types (baseball, softball, soccer, playgrounds, football, race tracks, tennis courts, etc.). It is also highly beneficial for turf applications such as seeding, landscaping, erosion control, plants, gardens, sods, farms, grass, fields, and unstable soil of any kind.

Based on soil conditions, AquaSmart™ PRO has demonstrated water and irrigation savings ranging from 50% for sandy soils to 70% for clay and other soils. Frequency of watering and irrigation as well as watering labor costs have decreased dramatically (based on accredited tests).

AquaSmart™ PRO is a fine, super-absorbent, sand-like material that will increase the water holding capacity of your soil so you can irrigate less frequently, but still keep your turf green. AquaSmart™ PRO turf dressing acts like a rainwater harvesting system for your turf, helping to keep moisture accessible long after the surface dries.

  • Biodegradable, non-toxic formula.
  • Releases 95% of what it is holding, including water-soluble nutrients.
  • Allows for less frequent watering.
  • Perfect for spring and fall aeration, new installations, and over-seeding.
  • Benefits last three to five years.
Mueller Landscape Inc. recommends applying AquaSmart PRO to your lawn after doing a double aeration. Once the product is spread evenly across the aerated lawn and worked into the aerated holes, one heavy watering (generally double the normal irrigation run time) is completed to fully hydrate the product. Then we return to normal irrigation run times, but we decrease watering frequency by up to 50% depending on climate, soil type, and variety.  
This water savings from reduced water usage often quickly offsets the cost of treatment. Call us if you are interested in having AquaSmart™ PRO applied to your lawn.  619-440-3762