Santee Lawn Care

Santee Lawn Care

Santee Lawn Care

Santee Lawn Care – Basic (Lawn) and Full (Lawn and Garden) Package Prices

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Lot Size.  

All lawn and landscape pricing is based on lot size up to 5000 sq. ft. and does not include slopes.

Customer Referal Incentives.

We offer lawn and landscape referral incentives. You can receive up to $50.00 cash for referring neighbors and friends once you become one of our lawn and landscape customers.

Workers Comp and Liability Insurance.

By hiring us, you can have peace of mind that you are fully protected with regard to workers-comp and liability insurance issues. All our lawn and landscape workers are fully covered.

Santee Lawn Care Quality

You will receive the best lawn and landscape service in the county at the fairest possible price.

Sunset Climate Zone 19 for Santee Lawn Care

Santee is a suburb in San Diego County, 345 feet above sea level, and shares the northern part of a valley with the city of El Cajon.  Santee is divided in two  by the San Diego River, a linear greenbelt that includes parks, trails and more than 1,100 acres of natural riparian habitat. The city’s potential for growth and progress was touted in a San Diego Union-Tribune editorial titled “All Roads Lead to Santee”.  Hills form a natural barrier on its northern and western sides. Prominently overlooking the western side of Santee is Cowles Mountain. This natural landmark is the highest point in the city of San Diego, and offers sweeping views of the county and is a popular hiking destination.

Santee is classified Sunset Climate Zone 19. Like Zone 18, climate in Zone 19 gets very little ocean influence. Both zones, then, have poor climates for fuchsias, rhododendrons, and tuberous begonias. Many sections of Zone 19 have always been prime citrus country—especially for trees that need extra summer heat to grow sweet fruit. Macadamia nuts and most avocados can be grown here. The Western Plant Encyclopedia cites many ornamental plants that do well in Zone 19 but are not recommended for its neighbor because of the milder winters in Zone 18. Extreme winter lows over a 20-year period ranged from 28 to 22°F and the all-time lows at different weather stations range from 23 to 17°F. These temps are considerably higher than those in neighboring Zone 18.