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Mueller Landscape Inc is a local landscape, lawn and garden maintenance company that has been serving San Diego County since 1982. We are licensed by the State of CA, C27-862489.  
We are dedicated to providing a landscape maintenance service to residential homeowners, property management companies and commercial properties that is second to none. Our commitment to quality and consistency has allowed us to grow to over 500 maintenance customers. Over the years we have perfected a system that ensures that we maintain a consistent and reliable schedule. When you begin a service with us, we assign one of our crews to your property and that crew will continue to be your provider for as long as you have service with us. This makes it easier for us to make your property look the way you like it. 

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11647 Riverside Dr, Suite 131
Lakeside, CA 92040

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"Why Do Customers Choose Us?"

  • Consistent Schedules
  • Professional Service at a Fair Price
  • Friendly Faces
  • We Answer The Phones
  • English Speaking
  • Accurate Next Day Card Billing or Pay by Check
  • 5 Minute Sign Up By Phone or Online

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