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Communicating The Details

As you are reading this, take a moment to consider what features you love most about the plants and lawn around your home. While those features may be evident to you, on our side of the business, we have realized that these preferences will be very different for every person. One person may have a prized bush that they want to flourish, and another person may wish for their lawn maintenance to look extra clean and well-trimmed.

Because you are unique, it is essential to have a landscaping maintenance company that understands what you like most and how to communicate those details with the maintenance crew. Hence, you consistently get what you want.

Imagine the horror of seeing your most prized plant butchered by a maintenance crew that had no idea how much you care about it. Or another team who doesn’t trim a specific tree well enough to keep the leaves from falling all over the yard. We have seen cases where the owner will tell the gardener what they want, only to find that a different maintenance crew shows up the following week who does not have a clue what details to emphasize. Or even worse, a communication breakdown occurs because the maintenance crew does not speak the same language as you.

That is why at Mueller Landscape, we have 100% English-speaking crews that keep detailed notes on every property so it always looks the way you like it. We have also put systems in place to ensure the same crew services your property with each visit to create the consistency you are looking for. Because those detailed notes are kept in a system, even if a different gardener had to show up one day, he would still have all the notes he needs to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Many landscaping companies will also mow your lawn, trim the hedges and even provide landscaping construction, but Mueller Landscaping’s systems allow us to communicate the details, creating a better experience for you. This is one of the ways that we are committed to standing out above the rest when it comes to gardening maintenance services.

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