Potted plants

Recently we updated a clients potted plants. We removed the old saturated soil and added new fresh potting soil. We decided to go with some nice hibiscus plants and treated for white-fly with a systemic in the soil. The pots are watered from a drip line running along the bottom of the fence. In the right corner, partially out of the picture, is a bougainvillea that we re-potted with new fresh potting soil. This is a little rental property in mission beach, San Diego.

We think this will create a nice vibe for the tourist that come to vacation in this little beach bungalow. We love doing these little gardening jobs especially when the result has such a nice impact on others enjoyment.

On this day John helped the crew. He finds this to be therapeutic and a nice distraction from the office work he is usually doing during the week.

Once the couch is moved back into place, the drip lines and the electrical line for the water feature pump will be hidden from view.

We hope this gives you an idea how just a couple simple changes in the garden can create paradise in your patio.

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