Top 10 Signs You’ve Hired the WRONG Kid to Mow and Rake Your Yard!

Top 10 Signs You’ve Hired the WRONG Kid to Mow and Rake Your Yard!

10. You notice he’s awfully tall with an afternoon shadow for a twelve year old.

9. Compliment his gloves and he’ll tell you they’re the latest in “OJ chic.”

8. He confidently states, “I’ll be done in a jiffy,” right before liberally sprinkling your weeds with gasoline, transforming them into a potential inferno waiting to happen.

7. Spot him 30 minutes later, still yanking on the electric cord of the weed whacker like it’s a stubborn wishbone.

6. After mowing the front yard, he decides to give your synthetic turf a close trim too, because why not?

5. Your neighbor questions, “Who’s the streaker with a rake, engaging in a questionable game of fetch with my dog?”

4. Announcing “Break Time”, he picks up 1 leaf at a time, dips it in nacho cheese, and eats it.

3. He starts crying and says “I’ve had a long talk with the leaves, and they’ve decided, “they want to stay”.

2. Check the bill, and surprise! You’re being charged by the leaf. Apparently, each one comes with its own price tag.

1. At the bottom of his invoice, you’ll find his motto: “Rake a leaf – Do a Shot.” Clearly, he’s not just in it for the lawn care.

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