Potted plants

Recently we updated a clients potted plants. We removed the old saturated soil and added new fresh potting soil. We decided to go with some nice hibiscus plants and treated for white-fly with a systemic in the soil. The pots are watered from a drip line running along the bottom […]

Fertilizing Service

Planning Lawn Aeration

This time of year may be perfect for aerating your lawn.  There are warm season lawns and cold season lawns.  If you have warm-season grass, the period of active growth is in the summer, which means if you aerate your lawn now, it can give your lawn an extra boost […]

How to Improve your Garden Soil

Over the years, whenever I meet with new customers about re doing their yard whether it be replacing the lawn. adding new plant beds etc, the question of soil comes up. “Should we replace our soil?” “Our soil is terrible and nothing grows well.” “What can be done about our […]

Top Five Tips to Help Your Landscape Thrive

Strive for Five Top Five Tips to Help Your Landscape Thrive It’s Tuesday afternoon, and you’re almost home from work. You’re eager to get home and relax, but as you pull into the driveway, you notice a few things… The lawn is yellow and even turning brown in some spots. […]

Managing Other People’s Gardens

Early in my career I learned that knowing what and when to prune was difficult to ascertain. In my mind it was simple….. It was late winter or early spring and when that geranium was old and woody. The euryops was too big for the area it was planted in […]