Planning Lawn Aeration

This time of year may be perfect for aerating your lawn.  There are warm season lawns and cold season lawns.  If you have warm-season grass, the period of active growth is in the summer, which means if you aerate your lawn now, it can give your lawn an extra boost of health to it’s root and soil system.  That will result in a greener lawn for longer periods of time, even through hot weather.


Because we have been doing lawn maintenance since 1982, we take care of all types of clients and lawns.  Some clients have asked, “Is Aeration Necessary?”  We encourage you to see aeration as a crucial part of your lawn care; if you want to always see a green and healthy lawn.


Here is why; the turf in San Diego County will often have clay in the soil and the weather can become dry.  Think of what this can do to the soil beneath your grass. If your lawn becomes too compact, the roots of the lawn won’t be receiving the water, oxygen or nutrients they need to be healthy.  Core Aeration creates holes that will open up the soil and provide a healthy root zone for your lawn.


Subterranean root growth will become healthier and the overall vitality of your lawn with be stronger after the first aeration.  However, it is important to think of planning lawn aeration the same way that you would think of fertilizing, weed and pest control.  This means aerate your lawn at least once a year.  Twice a year is recommended if your soil has a high clay content.


With aeration, your lawn will stay green and healthy long after other properties who haven’t done lawn aeration watch their grass turn brown.  If it’s been a long time since your lawn was aerated give us a call, today!





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